On Sep 03, 2020, I saw the advertisement for the Chinese cryptocurrency sale like below. When I clicked on it, I was transferred to the below Yuan Pay Group website.

As I wanted to buy a new Chinese cryptocurrency, I carried on to make an account. I moved $3,000 in credit card, and skillfully guided, I transferred another $7,000 in Bitcoin, and I received a bonus of $7,000 into my account.
The next day, I realized that my account was for cryptocurrency trade, not a new Chinese cryptocurrency account. As I also wanted to learn the cryptocurrency trade, I accepted the situation. Then, David and Alex of Coindaq.io demonstrated how easy to make money using my account, and I traded as per their instruction by Zoom. The results are below. And I transferred another $5,000 in Bitcoin into my account by skillful words.

The following day, as I felt something strange, I checked “coindaq.io review” with Google search, and I found the below reviews at the Trustpilot website. There were only three reviews, but now four.

I realized that Coindaq.io scammed my $15,000, and I requested Coindaq.io to close my account and give me a refund. So far, Coindaq.io has no intention of making a refund. How stupid I am.

URL: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/coindaq.io